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If you like playing pool as much as I do, and are sick of going out to the local pool hall, then maybe you should try to find a cheap pool table for sale. People are selling pool tables everywhere, so most of the pool tables that are out there for sale are used.

The reason for this, I am not sure, maybe just because the owner of the pool table could be upgrading to a bigger and better pool table, or maybe the owner just doesn’t play on it much anymore and needs the extra space. If this is the case you can usually find a great deal on a used pool table.

There are many places that you can look to find a cheap pool table for sale, you could look in your local classifieds, word of mouth, maybe you might find a good deal at a local billiards shop, but they usually sell pool tables at whole sale. If you are choosing to look for a pool table online then Ebay is a good store that has some great auction deals time to time.

Pool Table Factors

When you are planning on buying a pool table there are some considerations that you must take into factor, the biggest one by far is making sure that you have a room or a garage that will be big enough. You do not want to have anything that will obstruct your stroke when shooting a shot, this can be very annoying.

Make sure that you have enough space to get the pool table into the room, in most cases the pool table will have to be disassembled to move it, this should be done by professionals only as you do not want your table to be unlevel or risk damaging the slate or the felt.

This will cost a few hundred dollars depending on what size table you get and how many pieces of slate the pool table has, and of course who is doing it, it is always good to have a friend that does pool table assembly for a living.

Pool Table Room Sizes

There are many sizes of pool tables that you can get but I am only going to discuss four of the more popular sizes that people shop for.

7 x 3.5 foot tables, these are generally most commonly found in sports bars and local pubs, very fun to play on and for most people easier to make shots. If you are interested in getting a bar sized pool table than you want to have a room that is at least 17 x 14 feet.

8 x 4 foot tables, these are found in lots of local pool halls and some bars, you want to have a room size of at least 18 x 14 foot for these.

8 x 4 (over-sized) Another common table that can be found in many pool halls and some bars, you want your room size to be slightly bigger than the standard 8 x 4 tables for the over-sized version.

9 x 4.5 (Tournament size tables) These are also found in many pool halls and also the size of table that you see the professionals play on, ever watched billiards on ESPN? If you are planning on getting a tournament sized pool table than you want to have a room size of at least 20 x 15 feet.

The room sizes can vary depending on what size pool cue you are using, that is why I said “at least”. I hope this little article has given you some information and some insight on what to look for when looking for a cheap pool table for sale.

Moving A Pool Table

Once you find a pool table that you like the next thing you need to decide is how you are going to get it into your house. The best way and safest way for your pool table to make its way into your new gaming room is too have it done professionally, but the problem with this is that it can get kind of expensive.

Because if they are moving it into through a doorway the table must be disassembled, which mean that the slate and the felt must be removed and then re-installed. If you have a garage and a couple of friends you and your buddies could just muscle the pool table into the garage without the disassembly, then all you would have to worry about is getting the pool table leveled.